Media planning begins with research, which helps us consult our partners and provide them with individual insights.


Data Monitoring and Analysis

Huge amounts of data are useless up to the moment they are comprehended, processed and interpreted. Our insights is the basis for effective communication solutions.


While the market becomes increasingly complex and competitive, the profit of communication should be precisely calculated. Therefore we evaluate the competitors, products, prices, media channels, business area, political realities, and even the weather impact on our partners’ businesses.



Our exclusive tools and expertise bring us closer to our consumers. Therefore our communication plans are optimized for the goals we set. We never create templates, because we look at every task extensively. So extensively that we actually solve overall business problems, instead of short-term campaigns.

Media Auditing

Carefully reviewing the finished communication process and examining the results is the first step to the next successful project.

Media Planning & Buying

Being the largest, we ensure the best conditions for buying and planning media channels. For that we use performance enhancing tools and innovative buying methods.


Social Media

Social media trends continue to demonstrate to the whole world of communication that consumers’ attention is not “bought” – it’s rather “earned”. We are the ones who enthusiastically test all the latest digital opportunities (on ourselves as well).

Content Marketing

As consumers become more and more resistant to advertising, brands must find new ways to present it. We help create engaging content that will not be perceived as advertising, but as an additional value.

Pay Per Click

By investing in technologies and hiring new team members who specialize in this particular service category, we design PPC (Pay Per Click) solutions that bring the greatest return to our clients.

Digital Innovations

Over the last decade most of the global innovations happened, and still happen, in the digital space. We actively track these processes so that we could offer our clients the freshest ideas and their implementation.

BTL Solutions

Our experience allows us to surprise our consumers by communicating with them in unexpected and alternative ways.